Medivac Gumboro B

Medivac Gumboro B

Description: Freeze dried live vaccine against infectious bursal disease (IBD) /Gumboro disease in poultry.


  • Medivac Gumboro B  will be stimulate chickens’ immune system to produce protective antibody quickly. It contains the right vaccine virus strain, with mild post vaccination reaction. Chick and chickens will be save from Gumboro infection.


  • Infectious bursal disease (IBD) / Gumboro diease virus of D22 strain. The virus is produced in Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs. Each dose contains at least 103.5TCID50 IBD/Gumboro disease virus.


  • Oral drop or drinking water
  • 1 dose per chicken.


  • Vial of 1000 and 2000 doses.


  • Medion Farma Jaya (INDO)

Animal Target:

  • Poultry