Description: Ruminant specific double strain yeast culture


  • Stabilizes rumen pH (Low rumen pH decrease growth of ruminal bacteria).
  • Reduces rumen ammonia levels (Yeast cells utilize ammonia for survival and thereby reduce ammonia levels in the rumen by 25%).
  • Enhances ruminal favourable bacterial population.
  • Enhances growth and weight gain in beef cattle.
  • Improves cellulolytic enzymatic efficiency of rumen microbes.
  • Increases growth of selenomonas ruminantium and Streptococcus bovis.
  • Increase milk production & protein, lactose and fats levels in the milk.
  • Enhances feed palatability.
  • Prevents acidosis and rumen atonia.


  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Aspergillus oryzae
  • Total yeast cells 5000 Billion (5000 X 109) per kilogram.


  • Daily cow/Beef cattle and Camel: 1-2 kg per ton of feed or 10-20 g/head/day
  • Heifers, Goat & Sheep: 1 kg per ton of feed or 10 g/head/day
  • Breeder bulls: 20 g/head/ day
  • Or as directed by veterinarians.


  • 100gm & 1kg pouches
  • 25kg poly laminated paper bags.


Animal Target:

  • Ruminant