Osmofat 300 (Lecithinized Animal Feed Fat)

Osmofat 300 (Lecithinized Animal Feed Fat)

Description:OSMOFAT 300 is adding to the feed to improve the emulsifying properties and thus increase the digestibility of poultry and swine.


  • Fattening Feed
    • Increases energy uptake
    • Shortens fattening period
    • Improves daily weight gain
    • Yields high carcass weight and improves carcass quality
  • Sow Feed
    • Increases milk yield
    • Reduces piglet mortality
    • Increases weaning weight


  • High concentrated source of energy supplement feed fat specially produced from fractionated palm oil which are non-hydrogenated and free from Trans Fatty Acids (TFA).
    Total Fat Content: 98% Min
    Free Fatty Acid: 1% Max
    Moisture & Impurities: 0.5% Max
    Slip Melting Point: 54-60°C
    Iodine Value: 17 Wijs Max
  • Typical Fatty Acid Profile
    Saturated Fatty Acids:
    C14:0 – Myristic Acid: approx. 1.5%
    C16:0 – Palmitic Acid: 70% Min
    C18:0 – Stearic Acid: 4-9%
  • Unsaturated Fatty Acids:
    C18:1 – Oleic Acid: approx. 10%
    C18:2 – Linoleic Acid: approx. 2%
  • Lecithin Dose Rate: 3%


Target Animal Addition to Feed Ration
Poultry 2-5%
Pig fattening feed 1-3%
Feed for sows 5-8%


  • 25 kg


Animal Target: